by Pippa Kay

Doubt & Conviction:  The Kalajzich Inquiry.

The story started in Manly, a beachside Sydney suburb, on Australia Day 1986. Megan Kalajzich was shot as she slept beside her husband, Andrew, in their family home. Two bullets were also fired into his pillow. Bill Vandenberg confessed to being the hitman and committed suicide in 1988 by hanging himself in his prison cell.


Was it a bungled murder attempt? Who was the target? Andrew, Megan or both? Controversy still surrounds this murder. Andrew Kalajzich,who has served  his sentence of 25 years still maintains his innocence.


Pippa Kay probes the murder of Megan Kalajzich and subsequent conviction of her husband. Did he do it? She presents a thorough and balanced examination of the evidence and witnesses presented to the Section 475 Inquiry into Andrew's conviction.


Doubt & Conviction was launched as a paperback in 2002 by broadcaster, Alan Jones, who has always doubted Andrew's conviction.  He commented that the book was aptly titled.


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Back Stories was published in 2005 and contains eleven of Pippa's stories and poems.  Most of these had previously won awards and/or been previously published in other anthologies.


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