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The Author


Pippa Kay is the author of three books.  The latest is Keeping it in the Family, published by Ginninderra Press.  Her other two books are Doubt & Conviction: The Kalajzich Inquiry and Back Stories. Please go to "BOOKS" for details.


Many of Pippa’s stories have been included in other anthologies, often produced following a literary competition with other winning and commended stories.  These include:

  • Mountain Secrets, a poetry anthology edited by Joan Fenney and published by Ginninderra Press.
  • No Thanks or Regrets, edited by Jacqueline Kent and published by the State Library of NSW in 1995.  It includes Pippa’s autobiographical story “The Replay” which won the Society of Women Writers 70th Anniversary Award.
  • On Murder 2 edited by Kerry Greenwood and published by Black Inc includes Pippa’s non-fiction story “The Triggerman”, which was an examination of Bill Vandenberg, a most unlikely hitman, who confessed to the Murder of Megan Kalajzich, and later committed suicide in prison.
  • The Common Thread Anthologies 2004 - 2012: With a lot of help from the Common Thread Writers Pippa produced eight anthologies, most expertly edited by Jillie Shephard.  They include selected works from members of the group and the later editions include prize winning stories from the Common Thread Short Story Competition.
  • The Stringybark Anthologies.  Pippa has enjoyed the challenge of experimenting in various genres thanks to the Stringybark short story competitions.  Her Highly Commended stories have appeared in four anthologies produced by David Vernon.
  • Miscellaneous publications, including magazines (Orange County U.S., and Prevention, Australian Women’s Weekly); Unspeakable Crimes (ed. Avalon, Galley Press); and Willoughby Writers anthologies edited by Patricia Gaut.

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